Dutch Smart Meters

Dutch Smart Meters provide precise energy export / import readings directly from the meter used to charge for electricity consumption. They can also provide gas consumption readings from the meter used to charge for gas consumption.

PVBC provides one device type to record electricity readings and another device type to record gas readings.
DSM - Electricity

Data Available from the Electricity Meter 

Export AC - Total
Export AC - Normal Tariff
Export AC - Low Tariff
Import AC - Total
Import AC - Normal Tariff
Import AC - Low Tariff
Net Export AC                This is (Export AC Total) - (Import AC Total)

Note - Refer to the Version 2 Configuration Manual for details regarding calculation of Inverter Yield and Total Consumption using these values.

DSM - Gas

Data Available from the Gas Meter 

Gas Delta
Gas Total
Gas Total Today

Note - Refer to the Version 2 Configuration Manual for details regarding the recording of these values and the exposure of these values at PVOutput.