You can raise an issue whenever you would like to pass a message to the PVBC Developers. 

Use Issues to:
  • Seek assistance with a problem
  • Notify us of a defect
  • Make a suggestion
  • Request a new feature
  • Any constructive comment 
PVBC Version 2 Issues are located at BitBucket.

You need to login to BitBucket to raise or modify issues.

BitBucket supports login via one of the following:
  • A dedicated BitBucket user name and password (BitBucket registration / Account creation required - Available here - BitBucket Account Creation)
  • A Google account (authenticated by Google)
  • A Facebook account (authenticated by Facebook)
  • A Twitter account (authenticated by Twitter)
  • A GitHub account (authenticated by GitHub)
Login using any of the above is available here - BitBucket Login

Information you should include when raising an Issue
  • Attach a copy of your settings_v2.xml file - Very Important  
  • A concise description of the problem you are encountering
  • When did the problem first occur
  • What version of PV BeanCounter are you using
  • What device types (inverters / meters) are you attempting to access e.g. CMS 2000, SMA SB5000TL-20, Current Cost EnviR, Watts Clever EW4008/9
  • What type of connection do you have to the device - RS232 via cable, RS232 via USB / Wireless, SMA Bluetooth, SMA WebConnect
  • Attach a copy of the PVService_yymmdd.log file (refer to Section 11 - Log File Controls in the Configuration Manual for details of how to enhance the diagnostic content of the log file)
Note - BitBucket provides an "Attach" button on all issues including "Resolved" issues for the purpose of uploading files. This button does NOT work on "Resolved" issues.