PV BeanCounter Version

Post date: Jan 28, 2014 11:02:46 AM

Download: Not available

Released on: 28/01/2014

Target Users:

    • All users who want to create multiple PVOutput systems and who had difficulty using previous versions
    • Users who had trouble with power readings at PVOutput when consolidating multiple devices into either Yield or Consumption


    • Fixes a defect that caused the configuration program to crash when adding a new PVOutput system
    • Ensures the Consolidation "Device Manager" has a name recorded in the xml configuration file. This fixes an error that appeared in the log when reloading settings while the service is runing.
    • Change the default setting of the PVOutput parameter "Power Alternates Min / Max". This was on by default but is now off unless you explicitly set it. This setting impacts PVOutput power readings when multiple devices are consolidated into Yield or Consumption
    • Added definitions for Eaton, Orion and SunEzy inverters. All use the existing CMS configuration file.