PV BeanCounter Version

Post date: Dec 29, 2013 11:14:25 PM

Download: Not available

Released on: 30/12/2013

Target Users:

    • All users with Current Cost or Watts Clever devices who wish to use the Device Calibration facility


    • Fixes multiple calibration defects that under some circumstances prevented the calibration from taking effect
    • Allows Watts Clever users to control the device sampling interval - This was not previously exposed in the configuration program
    • Improvements to Device Query Interval and Database Interval configuration behaviour - no operation impacts


Device Query Interval affects the frequency with which the device is sampled. Database interval affects the frequency with which readings are recorded in the database.

When Query Interval is less than Database Interval, the query readings are accumulated for recording in the database. This allows fine grained power fluctuations to be detected and used to calculate energy readings.