PV BeanCounter Version

Post date: Dec 31, 2013 7:03:22 AM

Download: Not available

Released on: 31/12/2013

Target Users:

    • All users with Inverters accessed by PVBC using a Phoenixtec based serial protocol. This includes - CMS, Samil, KLNE (Phoenixtec), SunnyRoo (Non-Modbus) and any other Inverters configured to use these protocols in PVBC

Note: This version does not provide new behaviour for other device types. If you are using and you do not use the above inverter protocols, you do not need to update to this version.


    • Fixes Issue #5 (at BitBucket). This affected the above Inverter types when the PVBC Service starts (or the Inverter's Device Manager Thread restarts) before Inverter startup